Common Questions

Common Questions When Selling Your Car For Cash In Kansas City


How do I know if my car is junk or Not-Junk?

If your car, truck, SUV or van is in need of repairs that exceed the actual cash value of the vehicle, it’s probably junk. If the engine is knocking or smoking; the transmission is out or going out; head gaskets are broken; or if there any other repairs that may exceed the value of the car, it’s probably junk. If the car has been wrecked, and the cost to repair it exceeds the value of the car, it’s probably junk. Sometimes even the cost of minor repairs are in excess of a vehicle’s value. Typically, this is the case with cars over 20 years old with no special antique or collector value. If you think you may own a vehicle with antique or collector value, please contact us.

Does (816) Not-Junk really pay cash for my vehicle?

Yes, we really pay cash for your unwanted car, truck, SUV or van. That is unless you prefer a check. Either way, we’ll buy it fast and with no hassle.

Does (816) Not-Junk really come to me to pay me cash for my vehicle?

Yes, and we usually do it on the same day you call! Check our coverage map. If you’re in it, we’ll come to you. (816) Not-Junk knows it may be most convenient for you to sell your car to us on evenings and weekends. Please don’t hesitate to call any time.

Why do I need a title?

You need a title because it’s the law. If you’ve misplaced your title, you can request a duplicate title from the state of origin.



My name is not on the title. Will (816) Not-Junk still pay cash for my car?

Some people buy cars and fail to register their cars. If the title doesn’t bear your name on the front, you are not the legal owner of the vehicle. Until it’s registered (sales tax and personal property paid), and a new title is issued in your name, we’re not yet ready to pay cash for your car. If your name doesn’t appear on the front of the title, it’s not your car. It doesn’t matter if the previous owner signed the title and left everything else blank. That is called selling with an “Open Title,” and it’s illegal in most states. (816) Not-Junk does not purchase any vehicles with open titles.

Will (816) Not-Junk buy my car if there is a lien on the title?

If you still owe money to a lender or title loan company, or if there is a lien on the title for any other reason; (816) Not-Junk may still pay cash for your car. Once we pay the lien holder, we’ll get the title. If you owe more than (816) Not-Junk will pay for your car, you are responsible for paying the balance to the lien holder.

How can (816) Not- Junk pay more than a dealer?

Dealers must buy your car (trade-in) at a price lower than wholesale value, because they will sell the car at auction to a wholesaler. They are retail businesses, meaning they buy at wholesale and sell at retail. (816) Not-Junk does not need gigantic profit margins to successfully grow our business. We’re a veteran-owned family business, and have very little overhead. We pay more in order to grow our business and make a name for ourselves. People don’t tell others about how little they were paid for their car. They do brag about how much they got for their car! We hope to earn your referrals to friends and family, encouraging others to sell their car to (816) Not-Junk for cash. Unlike most car dealers, our reputation is that of an honest company that makes selling your car fast, safe and easy. We do not use your personal information for future self-promotion, nor will we ever sell your information to anyone else.

Why sell my car to (816) Not-Junk instead of trying to sell it myself?

Selling your car, truck, SUV or van is very time consuming. From scheduling a time for prospective buyers to see your car, to making sure buyers can actually find your ad posting; you may find that it’s quite a bit of work to sell your car. Selling your car online is not only time consuming, sometimes it costs money. (816) Not-Junk is licensed, bonded and insured, so it’s safe to sell your car for cash to us.

Can I negotiate with (816) Not-Junk for a better price?

Of course. We will make a cash offer for your car based on the condition of the car and the actual cash value. Negotiating can be fun. Arguing is no fun. If you feel we have provided an inaccurate valuation based on an incorrect assessment of the condition of your car; please take it to a mechanic for a thorough investigation into the mechanical concerns we’ve observed. If we are unable to agree on a price today, once you’ve done a little more research, please feel free to call us back. We pride ourselves on paying the most cash for your car, truck, SUV or van. Take it to you-know-who for a competitive offer. No, they don’t negotiate. No, they don’t pay cash. No, they won’t come to you.

Is (816) Not-Junk a title loan company?

No, we are not a title loan company. We pay cash to buy your car today.

Is there a Santa Clause?

We’re not sure. But if there is a Santa Clause, he’d be selling his old sleighs in OK condition for cash to (816) Not-Junk.

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