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Cash for Cars and Trucks in KCMO

Got an OK car to sell and don’t want to use Craigslist? Call 816 Not Junk for a safe way to sell any OK vehicle┬áin Kansas City. Sorry, 816 Not Junk does not buy junk cars. We buy OK cars in Kansas City. We pay cash for cars the same day. We come to you. […]

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Car Not Junk?

If you know your car is junk, save yourself a lot of time and aggravation. Sell it to a salvage yard now. 816 Not Junk buys OK cars. Sorry, we don’t buy junk vehicles. If you are not sure if you own a junk car or a not junk car, please call 816 Not Junk […]

Best Ways to Sell My Car in KCMO

Of all the ways to sell a car for cash in Kansas City, or anywhere in the greater KC metro area, 816 Not Junk wants you to know why we’re the best. We also want you to know all your options for selling any car, running or not, in KCMO. Is your car junk, or […]


We Buy Muscle Cars in KCMO

816 Not Junk buys muscle cars, classic cars, and just plain old cars and trucks for cash in KCMO. To sell an older vehicle in KC for cash, call 816 Not Junk. We’ll provide a free and fair valuation of your car today, and make a cash offer to buy it today. Selling a muscle […]

Selling My Car FAQs from 816 Not Junk

Here are some frequently asked questions about selling a car, courtesy of 816 Not Junk. Q. Is my car junk or not junk? A. If the cost to repair the vehicle exceed the value of the vehicle, it is junk. 816 Not Junk can help you determine this by making an assessment of the repairs […]

We Buy OK Cars and Trucks in KC

816 Not Junk pays cash for cars in Kansas City and the surrounding KC metro area. Got an OK car that is Not Junk? Call for a free and fair valuation of your car and get cash today. Don’t sell a car in good condition to a junkyard. Sell your good car for a good […]

Selling a Not Junk Car in KCMO

Who buys cars in good condition in KCMO? Who buys running vehicles in the Kansas City metro area? 816 Not Junk is KC’s best not junk car buyer. The junk car buyers in KC want to buy your OK car and resell it for a retail price. The big dealers advertising to buy your car […]

Why Sell Instead of Trade

When you trade-in your old car at the dealership, the dealer will do one of two things with your car. The dealer will either resell your car on his used car lot, or he will send it to the auction. Only low mileage, late model cars go on the used car lot to be resold […]

We buy OK cars in KCMO!

816 Not Junk pays cash for cars in KCMO and the surrounding Kansas City area. Got a car in OK condition? Before calling junk car buyers in Kansas City, call 816 Not Junk or 816-668-5865. 816 Not Junk is licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Locally owned and veteran owned, you can […]

How to Sell My Car the Safe and Easy Way

In the Kansas City area, the safest and easiest way to sell a car is to call 816 Not Junk. We buy OK cars in KCMO. 816 Not Junk is locally-owned and veteran-owned. Licensed, bonded and insured – 816 Not Junk buys cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in the KC metro area and beyond. We […]