What Is A Not Junk Car?

We Pay Cash For Cars In Kansas City

cash-for-cars-vw-passat(816) Not-Junk is often asked, “What is a Not-Junk car?” Typically, a Not-Junk car, or OK car, is one that is daily driven or occasionally driven. We are not necessarily buying only cars that are driven every day. That serves as an example of the kinds of vehicles we buy.

Your car may need some minor repairs. Maybe it has the usual scratches and dents expected of an OK car in fair condition. It may not be the most beautiful car in town, but (816) Not-Junk will buy it. We prefer to pay cash for vehicles that we can drive away. We understand there are simple fixes to your unwanted car, truck, SUV or van that you may not have the time or resources to fix. We’ll take your unwanted car off your hands, and we’ll make it easy. We come to you!

Has the vehicle recently been driven?

When a car isn’t being regularly driven, other problems begin to mount. The sooner you sell your car, the better. For example, over time, all of the car’s fluids will need to be drained and replaced, not just the engine oil. Tires resting on pavement or other surfaces over extended periods of time develop flat spots on them, and they dry rot. They will need to be replaced. Seals and gaskets become dry and brittle, risking major leaks in engine oil or transmission fluid, as well as the cooling system. It may take more to bring the car back to life than you thought.

When (816) Not-Junk buys your car with cash, we need to assess whether a lien, repairs, or routine maintenance needed exceeds the value of the car. If you think your car still has value, despite the payoff owed on a lien or the cost of repairs or maintenance, (816) Not-Junk would like to talk to you. We offer same day service. We’re available evenings and weekends. We pay cash for OK cars in the Kansas City Metro area.

My car isn’t running, but it’s also Not-Junk. Will (816) Not-Junk buy it?

We don’t want to miss any opportunity to pay cash for an OK car, so please call us or click below to get a quote. Classic cars, muscle cars and other collectibles are also welcome, even if they’re not running. We know how to appraise these cars, so please give us the opportunity to pay top dollar for yours!

If your car is Not-Junk, we gain nothing by telling you it’s junk. Junk means we don’t want it. If we don’t want it, we will respectfully decline to make an offer for your car.

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